As much as I loathe the 90s-laundered-through-the-70s head-shop vibes (especially the ones giving "Spencer's Gifts but for stoners"), I absolutely love these ridiculous bodegas. For one, the flagrant law-bending is very New Yorkers Don't Give a Fuck. For two: The last time I was in town, I walked by one of these and walked out two minutes later with a knockoff Wonka Bar. I knew what I wanted and what I was getting. Plus, packaging (of the store, of the product) is an experience, too! Like one of those stores that exist just to take Instagram photos (Glossier), but useful and for people who appreciate offbeat weirdness. Kind of like getting high itself.

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Tell me you get what I was doing with the subject line.

We <3 THC

We love Tetra hydro cannabinol (THC)

Not that hard.

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