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When you see ‘Lorem Ipsum’ anywhere but here, it’s filler text. Most common example: say you’re putting together a webpage, and you want to put text on it, but you don’t know what you want it to say yet. Wherever the words are supposed to go, you put in ‘Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet….’ so you can visualize text without being distracted by its meaning. The Lorem Ipsum is a placeholder.

Lorem Ipsum the newsletter sniffs around culture as it unfolds. Things move quickly, don’t they, and what we think is true today might embarrass us tomorrow, but it’s still worth having the conversations that lead us to those eventual, informed opinions. So Lorem Ipsum serves as a placeholder, marking time with commentary on whatever’s going on right now.

In a sea of newsletters, think of this one as an ancient turtle. I, Margot Boyer-Dry, started publishing it in 2015 as a side project to a snoozy marketing job, and it turned me into a writer. Now, I write about culture, business, and power in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, New York Magazine, Curbed, and other places.

Back on Lorem, though, The New Stand called it “The Only Newsletter You Need In Your Inbox,” and the Observer said “You won’t want to read the internet without Margot.” So, take their word and subscribe. I can promise a good time.

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A lot of publishers paywall certain content on their newsletters. In Lorem Ipsum, everyone gets the same content regardless of whether they pay to subscribe. I appreciate all support, moral and financial ✨

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