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Listen: Point and Kill by Little Simz ft. Obongjayar

I had high expectations for a collaboration between Little Simz and Obongjayar, and this track exceeds them. The base of “Point and Kill” is an absolutely masterful beat by the SAULT producer Inflo, who called the new Little Simz album it lives on “near-perfect.” Layered on top of his beat is a laid-back duet between Simz and Obongjayar about the earned privilege of getting what you want. It’s all so quiet and confident and precise— earned indeed. Find it here.

Your mom was right about all these crazy drivers

No matter what city I’m in, somebody’s got something to say about how bad the driving has gotten during Covid. And they’re right! Pedestrian deaths by car crash are way up, and looking at the data, it appears that these accidents discriminate on race and class, same as everything else.

From Vox: “American roads have been designed for the convenience of drivers, which means they’ve been engineered for speed,” and with faster driving, you get a worse crash. So people are typically in more danger on a  “stroad”— a street/road where cars get the high-speed greenlight in between sidewalks where people are shopping and living life. The areas on the receiving end of that negligent planning are often home to lower-income residents.

All this is fixable, of course, with changes to street structure and traffic regulation. But in the meantime, crash rates are so high that people are calling it an epidemic. You’ve got to wonder, though: does the word “epidemic”  hold much scare power now that we’ve leveled up our societal-destruction prefixes? It sounds almost mellow at this point.

Humans discriminate, too

Back to the pandemic we all know and love, apparently a set of antivaxxers are trying to re-brand as Purebloods? The “victims” of vax mandates evidently need a way to build themselves up, and the Potterverse method they’ve chosen, per Miles Klee, conveniently “brings them closer into alignment with the kind of neo-Nazis who cloak themselves in medieval iconography and role-play as the modern Knights Templar, spouting off about the honor and purity of white, Eurocentric culture.” When I initially heard this news, I wanted to be like, “don’t they know that JK’s a TERF?” But I get the impression that aligns with the no-vax worldview pretty well.

A chill pill $

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